Robert and Next Level Promotions are the best of the best when it comes to meeting our needs in regard to branded supplies, client gifts and even holiday cards. We were introduced at our local MPI chapter event and I haven’t used anyone else for these services in the last 10 years. Robert and Gail are responsive, professional but most of all just wonderful people to work with. They have a life long customer with Cliff House Maine.

  • Richard Carroll, CMP
  • Cliff House Maine
  • Oct 16

I worked with Rob during my three years on the board of Meeting Professionals International although in different roles, I was in Membership while Rob was in Marketing Communications at the time. Rob was always very thoughtful and creative in presenting new ideas to the board. At the same time, I and my assistant JoAnne, worked with Rob on three or more promo product orders over time for my hotel, Embassy Suites - Boston/Waltham. Rob was very responsive, great at providing guidance on the quality of products and reliability of the various vendors, and was always working on tight delivery date needs from us. I highly recommend Rob and NextLevel

  • Denise Banach
  • Oct 15

Working with Next Level to create apparel for Pratty's has been a very easy and smooth experience. The partnership we have with Robert and his team allows us to easily place new orders, work together to design new concepts, and keep us in the forefront of new options when they come to market. We know when we place an order with Next Level that is going to come on time and be exactly what we asked for!

  • Cara Pratt
  • Pratty's CAV
  • Oct 15

Hi Robert,

I want to thank you for your great customer service and beautiful table cover. The quality of this table cover is top of the line and is exactly what I was looking for. Attending multiple career fairs and events each year we found that it was important to find the right table cover that would not only withstand all of the travel/wear, but also help us stand out at these events. The best thing about this product is that it is durable and the fabric is a high quality material that is nearly wrinkle proof, so there is no need to bring this to the dry cleaner before every career fair which is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for providing me with such a great experience, I will certainly be returning for additional products in the future and would highly recommend Next Level Promotions!

Best, Melissa Beauvais

  • Melissa Beauvais
  • Bright Horizons
  • Jan 25, 2018

Hi Gail:  Just wanted to thank you for doing this so quickly.  I received my order on Friday, just in time to ship for the first show we are going to on April 19th in Washington, D.C.


I love it when things happen the way they are supposed to!



Have a great day!

  • Kathy Echols | Small Business Program Manager
  • Abt Associates
  • Apr 10, 2017

Next Level Promotions is just that - the next level. I very much appreciate the personal service and the attention to detail. Robert genuinely cares about getting me exactly what I want and is respectful of my budget - every time! I've gotten some creative and very high quality items for various promotions and events at my retail store. Working with Robert has been easy, efficient and fun.

  • Tim
  • Colonial Spirits
  • Feb 20, 2015

I have worked with Robert on several occasions and have always been impressed with his resourcefulness when it comes to finding the right promotional item and then getting it branded and in our hands under a tight deadline. We recently produced a line of Pare jackets and outerwear for employees and clients. Robert's connections with industry suppliers allowed us to get samples in every size and color for each item, with which we then set-up a temporary company store in one of our offices. Due to the popularity of the jackets, Robert is now helping us create an online store for future ordering/reordering of these beautiful jackets.

  • Dave Easterbrooks
  • Pare Corporation
  • Dec 08, 2014

"On several occasions, I have gone to Gail to help me come up with creative solutions for quality products that have been given to a wide variety of people we have engaged with MIT. Not only has her advice been right on but she has the gift of coming up with a range of appropriate products quickly. Working her magic, Gail has always managed to somehow take what was a vague idea in my mind through to finished form on schedule and for the best possible price. Plus, the most enjoyable part has been her constant sense of good humor which has always been much appreciated. Gail is nothing short of terrific to work with. Great Results, Personable, Creative”

  • Lou Alexander
  • MIT Alumni Association
  • Aug 14, 2014